Special Events

Gift Certificates

Are you still thinking about presents for your family, friends, co-workers or boss? We have the perfect decision for you! Maze Rooms is offering gift certificates. Please contact our managers for details ( austin@mazerooms.com ).

Birthday Parties

Trying to find something extraordinary for your Birthday celebration, that people will not only remember, but talk about for weeks? Celebrate your Birthday at Maze Rooms!!!

We offer a new and exciting challenge that will make your party one to remember! At Maze rooms, you and your guests will team up to be locked in a room with a unique mission to complete. You will have 60 minutes working together to crack the riddles, solve the puzzles, and escape!

We can organize everything for you:

  • You can drop off decorations before hand for us to set up (or we can organize it for you at additional expense).
  • We can even hide a present in the room for the birthday boy/girl to find!
  • You can rent the whole location or just a playing room for your birthday celebration.
  • If you rent the whole location, you can bring food, cakes and drinks at your own expense and set up in our waiting reception.

Team Building / Corporate Events

Team building activities can be invaluable for efficiency and for the general atmosphere in the office but only if they are done right. Why are real escape games good for a team building activity?


This is why Maze Rooms can help you to organize an unforgettable team building event. In 60 minutes, intense game experience participants will not only enjoy themselves but also have their different skills tested and enhanced.

During the game players face all sorts of problems to solve that requires not only brain work but cooperation and efficient communication, as well. Team members will have to share ideas and information, that is, express themselves clearly and listen to each other. While trying to solve the puzzles players obviously have to handle emotions but the only way to obtain the goal and unlock the final door is if they stay focused and calm. The one-hour time restriction also adds to the stress factor and makes timely decisions about asking for hints critical.

Last but not least, participants may share the feeling of victory and can discuss the intricate details long after the game has finished.

Note: Book the games for your teams or book the whole venue for your event. Half-day or Full-day bookings are also available – for details, please contact us at ( austin@mazerooms.com).


Want to make an unforgettable and unique proposal for your special someone? Propose at the Maze Rooms and give them the proposal of a lifetime! Just two of you locked inside the room (very intimate and uniquely romantic!), trying to find the way out and solve problems. Along the way…your beloved can find a hidden ring (or equivalent), and you can pop the question in the ultimate surprise proposal!

Let us help you arrange and organize all the details:

We can hide your engagement ring (or equivalent) somewhere in the room to be found during a specific part of the game (we can help you determine the best time).

We can set up decorations, flowers, champagne toast, etc (provided at your expense) in the room, or in the reception for when you exit the room.

We can customize the room to any creative ideas you would like to set up for your special proposal!

For more details, please contact us at ( austin@mazerooms.com ).