Follow the trail of your missing archeology professor to uncover the single greatest hidden mystery of Ancient Egypt! When a mysterious diary arrives at the doorstep of the Egyptian Antiquities department of your local university, you and your fellow archeology students get to work deciphering its cryptic contents – only to discover it was sent by your missing professor! After announcing that he was on the verge of discovering the greatest secret that ancient Egypt had to offer, your professor packed his bags and departed for Egypt weeks ago – and you haven’t heard anything from him since! Fearing the worst, you and your fellow students have banned together to translate the diary’s secrets to find out what befell him. Read more
Unfortunately for your team it’s written in riddles, but after days of deciphering hieroglyphics and cracking his codes you discover the hidden message – the location of a previously undiscovered tomb! Deciding to take things into your own hands you and your fellow students decide to find this ancient tomb and discover what’s happened to your missing professor – and what this giant mystery is! Pharoah’s Tomb escape room is a more difficult real puzzle game for 2-8 people, where for 60 minutes your team of students will plunge into the total darkness of an ancient tomb with only lanterns to light the way. Be wary, Egyptian tombs are notorious for their many gadgets, traps, and of course – curses! Better brush up on your hieroglyphics and hope your professor has left behind some hints, because if you can’t escape in time then the entrance will shut and you will be trapped in the tomb forever!! Located on North Lamar in central Austin, Texas Maze Escape Rooms offers some of the most immersive escape room experiences in the city. Maze Rooms are on the latest generation of escape games. Each of our 60 minute adventures interweave technology and practical design elements into both puzzles and storytelling to create unexpected experiences for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to host a birthday party, a company team-building, or just something fun to do with friends or family, Maze Rooms escape games have something for everyone!
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Other Rooms

The Shed

2 - 4
1 hour

Pharaoh’s Tomb

2 - 8
1 hour

Spy Safe House

2 - 8
1 hour


Katie O.

So. Much. Fun! We enjoyed a fantastic team-bonding experience of solving Pharaoh’s tomb. It was no fuss fun with a component that requires you to utilize your brain and rely on the ideas and communication of others. Definitely recommend!


Best Ever from an Escape Room Veteran
I have done many many escape rooms in several cities, and this was far and away the coolest room I’ve ever done. We did the Egyptian tomb. It’s on the more challenging side…


Better than can be hoped for!
This is a high quality mystery event room. Pharoah’s room is challenging but incredibly fun. Excellent hosting by the staff. Highly recommend!