The year is 1972, and the United States is in the midst of a Cold War with Russia and the entire Soviet Union. America lives in fear of Soviet spies living among them, threatening the American way of life. The government responds by sending the best of the best investigators to catch these spies and send them packing back to USSR empty handed. It’s an era where tensions were high, trust was low, and espionage was thriving! Read more
In Spy Safe House escape room, you and a team of 2-8 teammates assume the role of New York City’s top FBI agents in charge of exposing and rooting out potential Soviet spies. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate a new suspect’s apartment to find physical evidence that he is a spy working for the Soviet government to expose America’s secrets! In a city full of people, noise, and secrets, not much is known about this infamous spy – nothing about his background, his mission or even his real name – just his penchant for paranoid behavior. While the spy is distracted your team only has 60 minutes to crack all of his clues, codes, and contraptions and escape the locked apartment before he catches you and the jig is up! A medium-difficulty escape room, Spy Safe House is perfect for sleuths of all ages, but don’t let the “medium” fool you though, this spy is well trained and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve that could stump even the most observant operatives! Expect to see some of spy gadgets and tricks you’ve seen in the movies – this spy is pulling out all the stops, and he’s determined to take his discoveries back to his comrades! Maze Escape Rooms Austin locates on North Lamar in central Austin, TX and offers some of the most interesting escape room experiences in the city that are the latest generation escape games. Each of our 60 minute adventures interweave technology and practical design elements into both game puzzles and storytelling to create unbelievable experiences for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to host a birthday party, a corporate team-building event, or just something fun to do with friends or family, our games have something for everyone!
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Other Rooms

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2 - 8
1 hour

Spy Safe House

2 - 8
1 hour

The Shed

2 - 4
1 hour


Linda X.

So fun! I’ve done a lot of escape the rooms before and this is one of my favorites. We picked the Spy Safe House room for 2-7 players. The great thing was you get a private room for your group…

Jessica Perico

4 of us did the Spy Room and it was awesome! I loved that it wasn’t a traditional lock and key type room. So cool! Casey Jones, our game host was rad and made our experience even better! I highly recommend Maze Austin. Cant wait to go back to try the other room.

Delayne Leonard

Excellent room! We did the Spy Room and it was very well thought out. Our family had so much fun. We’ve done several escape rooms and this one maybe a favorite. We will be back to try the others…